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Animals In Iceland: A Guide to 25 Domesticated & Wild Species

Original content owned & copyrighted by Green Global Travel. When most people think of traveling to Iceland, wildlife is probably not their primary consideration. Located in the North Atlantic, the remote island is better known for its Viking history, rugged and diverse landscapes, dramatic waterfalls, and rich Icelandic culture.  But while it may not have […]

Experiencing Authentic Icelandic Culture

Original content owned & copyrighted by Green Global Travel. Iceland (a.k.a. the land of fire and ice) is often described as dramatic, thrilling, and otherworldly, with natural wonders shaped by unrelenting forces.  But there’s more to this fascinating island than its innate beauty. Icelandic culture remains rich and varied, with friendly people, intriguing traditions, fun […]

Birds of Iceland: An Introductory Guide

Original content owned & copyrighted by Green Global Travel. With its relatively isolated location in the frigid north Atlantic, Iceland might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think about the world’s best birdwatching destinations.  It’s true that the harsh winters of the 40,000 square mile island ensures that there are […]

Hidden Europe -The Road Less Traveled By

Europe Off the Beaten Tourist Path: I have always been intrigued by travel off the beaten tourist path. Partly in jest, I always say the ideal  solo travel destination is a place I can’t spell or pronounce. My most extreme example? In past years before it was “discovered” by Australians and New Zealanders, I vacationed […]