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10 Great Destinations for Luxury Caribbean Vacations

Original content owned & copyrighted by Green Global Travel. With its glistening beaches, gourmet cuisine, dazzling nightlife, and exhilarating outdoor adventures, it’s easy to understand why vacationing in the Caribbean is so appealing to so many people. Comprised of 26 independent countries and other territories, the region stretches from the southeastern U.S. to the north […]

Solo Travel Wellness-Bali Escapes | Solo Trekker 4 U

  Solo Travel Wellness-Bali Escapes, a Guest Post by Delan Cooper: Solo traveling brings about great experiences by allowing you to travel without distractions or other people’s schedules, on your terms. It’s an excellent opportunity for self-awareness, meditation, confidence building, empowering, and putting one’s life into perspective. Bali in Indonesia is the ultimate destination for most […]

Croatia Singles Vacations Beyond Dubrovnik

Croatia Singles Vacations Beyond Dubrovnik: Croatia is one of the northern most countries that split from the former Yugoslavia in the late twentieth century. It is on the East Coast of the Adriatic Sea. Across from Italy, their history has been intertwined. As a result, they share much of the elegant architecture and style of […]

Greek Islands Adventure Kayak Between the Cyclades

Greek Islands Adventure Kayak Between the Cyclades: This is the place to get away from it all. What could be better than hiking and kayaking around the Greek Islands? Greek Islands Adventure Kayak Between the Cyclades: Overview of the History of the Cyclades: The first question is generally what does the name “Cyclades” mean? It comes […]