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Solo Travel Wellness-Bali Escapes, a Guest Post by Delan Cooper: Solo traveling brings about great experiences by allowing you to travel without distractions or other people’s schedules, on your terms. It’s an excellent opportunity for self-awareness, meditation, confidence building, empowering, and putting one’s life into perspective. Bali in Indonesia is the ultimate destination for most solo travelers.

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Solo Travel Wellness-Bali: Things to do in Bali:

1. Discover Wild Beaches

Solo Travel Wellness-Escapes in Bali-Wild Beaches

Grab a scooter, and go for a ride in the countryside; this will help you avoid the traffic and quickly move around. Beachside is the best place to relax, chill, and sunbathe. You will be able to access sand via steps on the slim slits on the rocks. There are various beaches in Bali that you can visit, and they include Kuta beach, Geger beach, and Seminyak, among many others. The studded sea palm will provide a relaxing atmosphere. You can also involve yourself in water sports like surfing, which is made ideal by the waves effective in improving hand-eye coordination. The beaches will allow you ample swimming space where you can learn new swimming skills to boost your fitness and stamina.

2. Go for Yoga Classes

Solo Travel Wellness-Escapes in Bali-Yooga Classes

There are various active escape fitness retreats in Bali that offer you a chance to stretch your body, clear the mind as you take in the stunning scenery. Yoga gives you a healthy solitude by attending the meditation classes to reflect on yourself. It brings out memories and emotions from the past and relieves you of previous bad experiences. There are various places you can visit, like the wellness retreat Canggu, in Gilimanuk, Seminyak, and Mengwi.

3. Explore Nature

Solo Travel Wellness-Escapes in Bali-Explore Nature

You can trek around to explore the beautiful environments in Bali and view forests, waterfalls, and national parks around. Hike various mountains, for instance, Mount Batur, or you can walk comfortably through plantations, vegetation, and villages to experience the natural beauty of a Bali. Exploring nature will help in decreasing depression, improving the well-being and mental health, and lower perceived stress. It is also a form of exercise that will boost your stamina, improve body health, self-esteem, energy, and give you ample time to relax.

Solo Travel Wellness-Bali: Things to Do in Bali:

4. Try out Various Healthy Meals

Bali is a paradise that promotes healthy lifestyles with most vegetables and organic food readily available. Most restaurants in Bali prepare fresh meals with no refined sugars and provide vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options on request. Enjoy meals from a plant-based restaurant, which has its organic garden, and you can see the farmers collect various food items on your plate. Have a variety of raw food items, vegan salads, and fresh fruits. Other restaurants will offer reusable napkins and just glass straws, explore a variety to experience different services. Enjoy natural smoothies, garlic mushrooms, tomato salsa, corn harsh, and lasagna options.

Soli Travel Wellness – Bali: 5. Get a Soothing Massage

Solo Travel Wellness-Escapes in Bali-Get a Massage

Experience the Balinese massage to regain harmony in your body and mind; you will be made to lie on a couch to get a full body massage, with oils selected according to your skin type. It includes gentle, relaxing strokes, and pressure point stimulations. The therapists use scented vegetable oils from sesame, coconut oil, or jojoba. The massage will help you reduce stress, increase blood circulation, detoxify your body, increase joint mobility and flexibility, and improve skin tone. Most spas are located in the jungle, which will help you enjoy beautiful scenarios as you relax.

6. Experience the Holistic Healing

Solo Travel Wellness-Escapes in Bali-Holistic Healing

Visit the various traditional health centers in Bali to enjoy a variety of detox and body cleansing programs. The healing leads to total transformation, personal growth, and self-empowerment by the use of holistic arts, hand therapies. Some therapists can tell your problems through body reading. The healing process involves taking jamu drinks, made from local ingredients, purification ceremonies held in sacred places, and herb scrub used for healing and supporting youthful skin revival.

Solo Travel Wellness – Bali: Conclusion

Soli Travel Wellness – Bali: Solo trips are essential in our lives, as one gets to know themselves better, the experiences will allow you to follow and listen to your heart better. It will also get you out of your comfort zone by teaching you how to rely on yourself and solve life puzzles. You will also have enough time for meditation to concentrate on essential projects. Consider visiting Bali and experience the wellness retreats in various activities.

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(Solo Trekker 4 U Founder Elizabeth Avery updated hacks:

  1. The high cost of airfare is one of the largest expenses in travel to Asia and the Pacific Islands. To get cheaper rates, act now while demand for travel abroad is low.
  2. Go online to see what lesser known regional carriers serve Bali and the region. They are likely to be more budget-friendly than the major carriers will be.
  3. Both with airlines and the large OTA’s, compare bundling lodging with air as opposed to “a la carte”.
  4. Beaches can be heavenly, but beachfront lodging typically is higher.
  5. Check out guesthouses and bed and breakfasts with fewer services to pay for.
  6. Don’t overlook the fact that in remote island locations your choice for meals may be limited. As a result, you can’t comparison shop to keep costs down.
  7. For sightseeing, see if local ferries and water taxis taken by local residents can be both cheaper and a more authentic view of the area.
  8.  When you pack for a tropical island, you may only think about tossing in your favorite bathing suits and flip-flops. However, if you plan to visit Buddhist or Hindu temples, they have dress codes that are slightly different. For more on this and what else you need to take to Bali, see

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