Top Solo Travel Deals-France-No Single Supplements

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Top Solo Travel Deals-France-No Single Supplements: France is an expensive place to find solo deals. So overnight stays are hard on any budget. The question is how can you find single traveler deals for hotels and B&B’s? While Paris is not known for cheap solo travel deals, there are ways to find budget single traveler packages in France.

Top Solo Travel Deals-France

Start with our personal tips below.

Then take a look at the hotels below which we are featuring for best single traveler deals. Those include solo deals from Paris to the French Riviera and from the chateau country of Tours and historic Normandy.

So for more, go to the links set out below for our detailed posts and packages here on SoloTrekker4U. For all of our ninety-nine single travel deals for hotels in France, go to our free, user-friendly search tool, the SoloTravelPricingTracker.


Top Solo Travel Deals-France No Single Supplements:

Tip One:

First for budget solo travel, always go off-season. Even in Paris, in winter many hotels are up to fifty percent off. Then take a look at why you picked France for your singles vacation. If you are focused on museums and galleries, cooking/language classes or shopping for discounts, the cold weather will not be a problem. That’s a good reason to grab cheap solo travel vacation packages.

Tip Two:

Secondly, for more solo vacation deals, especially in Europe, always ask for “one room, one adult”. The reason is that unlike the United States, most of the European Union and its neighbors discount the price for one traveler. This is in contrast to the US custom of charging by the room or “rack” rate. Since most travel is priced based on two travelers, couples/pairs have a built-in advantage. By booking for one, check the same place and same date for “two adults”. When there is no single supplement (or other price increase for one traveler), we call those “solo priced”.  If a “Single Room” is offered, be sure you are OK with the size of the space offered.

Tip Three:

Most importantly, skip the high prices in the central business district. On one trip to Paris, I stayed at an airport motel. There was easy public transport into  Paris at all hours. My modern high rise hotel did not have Old World charm. However, it had a gym and other modern amenities providing me with an unheard of cheap solo travel deal!

On more ways to save, check out our Vacation Like Royalty in European Castle Hotels and A Real French Castle Hotel.

Go to our user-friendly, free search tool, SoloTravelPricingTracker.

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